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Dagmar Feyen: The Tuesday Thing

It's always dangerous to take a break - part two

Posted on November 27, 2012

Inspired by a niece of mine, Frauke, who has a very interesting blog about literature (in Dutch), I feel a little obliged to take up my Tuesday Thing again. The first thing I did was rework the little Fughetta from last February, which is to be found in the previous blog entry (it looks the same, but the files have been updated with the new piece).

Of course, this is not enough to claim a resurrection of the Harmony Workbook Project, so I wrote a little Toccatina that is build on sevenths. It is becoming more difficult to do this, as the intervals grow larger, without the piece starting to sound "empty" and artificial.

At least I tried ...

Oh, before I forgot: here is the blog of Frauke:

And here - almost on time (it's now 1 AM, wednesday, so only one hour too late) - the files of the Toccatina n° 3:

Toccatina #3.pdf

Toccatina #3.mp3