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Dagmar Feyen: The Tuesday Thing

My first piece for the new year is a little étude in broken chords. There are all the chords with three notes (diminished, minor, major and augmented triads) and some with four notes (seventh chords).
My New Year gift for all music lovers. Enjoy!

First species of chords in thirds.

Posted on December 27, 2011
My first attempt to use chords in thirds explores the qualities of the dimished and augmented triads. It is a free moving melody upon an ostinato-like lefthand chord sequence.

After the interval section, we move on to the chords. Before exploring chord functions and connections, we first look at the quality of each chord. The first species is a chord build with all seconds. So a second little Toccatina is the result.
Happy listening!

Last friday, the mother of two colleagues of mine passed away very suddenly. Therefor, I interrupt my Harmony Workbook Project this week, because I offered to compose a small choral work (three part woman chorus and organ) on a poem of her husband for the funeral service.
It is called "Op weg", this is Dutch for "On the Road"

Hello, To make the transition from the interval section to the chord section of Persischetti's work, I composed a little "Toccatina", using only dissonant intervals, within the chords or between chord notes and melodic material.Hope you like this one, as it is more pianistically and musically relevant than the two Inventions that I wrote before.

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